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Lubumbashi hosts the Cairo and Nyanza Working Groups for an Exhibition, Work Week and Workshop at Waza Art Centre (25 November – 10 December 2018)

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The Lubumbashi Working Group invited members of the Cairo and Nyanza working groups to meet them for two weeks at Waza Arts Centre. The invitees were all member of an internal Another Roadmap working group tasked with creating an ‘exhibition kit’ for the Intertwining Hi/Stories cluster, and the aim of this gathering was to continue the reflections and practical explorations they had begun at the International Meeting of the Another Roadmap School  in Huye, Rwanda, earlier in the year. They sought primarily to explore the possibilities of materialising and (re)presenting, through an exhibition model, the research, ways of life, practices, protocols, programmes and activities conducted by the network. The meeting in Lubumbashi was attended by members of the Lubumbashi, Nyanza and Cairo Working Groups and consisted of different public and semi public engagements as well as various research meetings.

"A Communion of Spirits": Another Roadmap International Meeting in Huye, RW (August 2018)

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In August 2018 delegates of all working groups of Another Roadmap School gathered for one week at the building of the currently shut down Faculty of Media, Arts and Technology (NSPA) in Huye, Rwanda.

Local Stories of Arts + Learning: Workshops and Public Event in Cairo

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The Cairo Working Group invites to a series of workshops on arts education to take place between the 25th of November and the 1st of December 2017 and a public day-long event on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017 in Cairo. 

Skimming through Egyptian Art Education School Books

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Noha Sobhi, a participant from the Art Education in Egypt reading and research group, brought us these books to look at the recent history of Egyptian art education curricula in schools. Both books are called "Art Criticism and History of Art", the one on the left is for art teachers (Ed. 1963) and the one on the right for high school students (Ed. 2003). The first has a richer content on history of art, next to Egyptian art it refers to Ancient Syrian, Greek, Coptic, Islamic, Renaissance and Modern Europan Art (Surrealism and Cubism included), while the second focuses on Anicent and Modern Egyptian art only. Both books depicts Egyptian "folk" art, but the examples in the book on the left are more extensive. The differences found in the books are not related to the different audiences (one written for students, the other for teachers) but rather reflect changing discources in the Ministy of Education in two different periods.

On the History of Arts and Crafts Education in Modern Egypt

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Through out the last three months, we tried to look into the history of the creation of public elementary and higher arts education schools in Egypt. We are doing this through focusing on the establishment of The Egyptian Ornamentations School (which became Faculty of Applied Arts) in the first half of 20th century and the development of art education curriculums in primary schools during the same period. Now, we try also to examine the colonial influence on art education and pedagogies. Our research takes the case of Ramses Wissa Wassef in building his art centre as a model to explore the impact of western ideas on methodologies of teaching art and crafts in Egypt on both the governmental and non-governmental levels.