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ARAC Working Groups Contribute to the Another Roadmap School’s Multivocal Glossary of Arts Education (February 2019)

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Glossary ohne

Since 2016, a core initiative within the Another Roadmap School has been to continuously work on a multivocal glossary of Arts Education.

Participating working groups have selected terms especially relevant for analysis in relation to arts education in their context and written a “glossary entry” about them. These entries are discussed in videoconferences with other working groups that explore the term and closely related one. 

This glossary seeks to support the development of horizontal exchange between knowledges. Avoiding enforcing the traditional privilege of european/western concepts, the project instead aims at a dialogue between interlocutors situated in different locations in the global economy of knowledge. 

As a public resource, the resulting glossary, which juxtaposes meanings and genealogies of related terms from different locations, allows readers to shift their perspectives on those understandings of arts education that may have become self-evident and natural, and lays groundwork for a better informed and more context-aware international dialogue.

ARAC have contributed to a variety of glossary entries, as well as introducing some specific terms that we have identified during the course of our research collaboration, such as “Symbolic Creative Work”https://another-roadmap.net/another-roadmap/a-multivocal-glossary-of-arts-educationun-glosario-multivocal-de-educacion-artistica/symbolic-creative-work and “Thinking with the head, Thinking with the Hands”.https://another-roadmap.net/another-roadmap/a-multivocal-glossary-of-arts-educationun-glosario-multivocal-de-educacion-artistica/thinking-with-the-head-thinking-with-the-hands

Visit the glossary here: https://another-roadmap.net/another-roadmap/a-multivocal-glossary-of-arts-educationun-glosario-multivocal-de-educacion-artistica


Project Coordination and compilation by Alejandro Cevallos (Quito). Translations by School of Linguistics PUCE, coord. Margarita Pazmiño. Proof-read by Cristina Vives.


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