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Maseru Working Group Organises the Skima Sesotho Workshop Series (April - August 2018)

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Between April and August 2018 the Maseru Working Group organised a series of workshops collectively entitled Skima Sesotho. These workshops, which brought together exercises and discussions about critical multimedia literacy with the BA RE Dictionary Project, aimed to get the Basotho excited about the Sesotho language and to demonstrate the playful malleability of Sesotho.

Through these workshops, which were free and open to the public, the Maseru working group introduced a process for cultivating new Sesotho words complete with definitions and example sentences. Words could be entirely new creations or could seek to capture slang words that are used in particular social contexts, e.g. schools, villages, churches, neighborhoods, etc. The workshops also explored media literacy, and how images, texts and sounds can be combined to create contrasting meaning about the same subject matter. Taking the comparison of British and Lesothan news footage as a starting point, the workshop then explored ways to read context and meaning in multimedia.

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