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Nyanza Working Group meets with anthropologist Natacha Nsabimana at Sculpture Center and e-flux in New York (14 – 26 October, 2019)

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In October 2019, the Nyanza Working Group convened a work week in New York that brought Isaïe Nzeyimana from Huye in Rwanda to New York, where he attended and led interpretation workshops of his own French writing that is being translated collectively into English for the first time.

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The week culminated in; An Evening with Philosopher Isaïe Nzeyimana, in Dialogue with Anthropologist Natacha Nsabimana and Artist Christian Nyampeta’ - an event which explored Nzeyimana’s philosophical writing and reflections from Chicago-based anthropologist Natacha Nsabimana, who studies the everyday aftermath of violence, how violence occupies the spatial memory of the landscape and what kinds of individual and societal narratives allows and disavows memories of violence. The evening concluded with a panel discussion led by Nyampeta that explored the place of memories in the project of living together in the history of the present.

Further information is available on Sculpture Center.

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