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Path: Letterwriting

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How do we conceive of ‘the letter’ as both a personal and a public, collective thing? What would a letter be, if it was liberated from its literary genre? Can a song/poster/manifesto/banner be considered a letter? These Learning Units consider the losses and benefits of a letter in the expanded form.

By Rangoato Hlasane



Learning Unit – Johannesburg – How to Work with Archives that are "Not There"? Engaging Medu Art Ensemble in the Now

Learning Unit – Manila – Changing Places

Learning Unit – Geneva/Zurich – Reengaging Freire: Paulo and Elza in Geneva

 Learning Unit – London – Activating Archives Through Radical Methods

Learning Unit – Maseru – Decolonising Literacy with Critical Pedagogy

Un_chrono_logical_timeline – Quito – 1973


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