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Path: Working with images

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In most respects, working with images (whether still or moving) is one of the older modalities of art education, but the preponderance and sheer volume of sensate triggers that presently confront the contemporary beholder call upon much more than scanning and taking in the visual field. The learning units that take on this mode of apprehending the world plead for a deeper investment in exploring context—our ways of seeing, personal and social histories, intersections as well as distantiations that impinge on our capacity to see beyond what is evident and how we’ve been taught to read and make sense.

By Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez



Learning Unit – Manila – Changing Places

Learning Unit – Berlin – Pedagogy and Criticism of Capitalism in West Berlin from 1969

Learning Unit – Geneva/Zurich – Reengaging Freire: Decoding and Re-coding Freire’s “Generative Images” and Critical Arts Education

Learning Unit – Johannesburg – How to Work with Archives that are "Not There"? Engaging Medu Art Ensemble in the Now

Learning Unit – Maseru – Decolonising Literacy with Critical Pedagogy

Learning Unit – London – Activating Archives Through Radical Methods


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