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The working group of Quito member of the Another Roadmap School (for artistic education) is formed by the educators Valeria Galarza, Lennin Santacruz and Alejandro Cevallos, who worked together (2012 - 2015) in the Research Department and Community Mediation of the Museums Foundation of Quito, a department whose purpose was to open spaces for collaboration and critical dialogue between museums and communities in the area. During this time one of the main focal points of our work had to do with the popular trade spaces in Quito that are inhabited mostly by indigenous women threatened with displacement due to security, tourism and heritage policies within the framework of a neoliberal development project and land management.

Alejandro Cevallos, author of this unit, has been part of the “Women’s Workshop Embroidering in the San Roque Market” between 2016 and 2018 (outside the museums institution) a work group for the creation of educational materials for cultural affirmation in bilingual intercultural schools (Kichwa-Spanish) in the San Roque market.

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