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Johannesburg Working Group organises two further Iterations of the Un/chronological Timeline in April and May 2019

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Two further iterations of the Un/chronological Timeline have taken place in Johannesburg - one at theSymposium ‘Rorke’s Drift, Histories and Pedagogies’ at the Bag Factory and the other at Wits University Braamfontein Campus during Africa Month.

5-6 April 2019
Rorke’s Drift, Histories and Pedagogies: A symposium

The Bag Factory Artists’ Studios, The Swedish Embassy in Pretoria, the Wits School of Arts, and the Department of Visual Arts and Sloyd Education at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Stockholm, Sweden) held a two-day symposium. Following the Rorke’s Drift and Konstfack – Stories told and yet not told seminar held at Konstfack on 18 April 2018, the symposium took as its starting point the shared history Sweden and South Africa have in relation to the specific connection to the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s (ELC) Arts and Craft Centre at Rorke’s Drift.

Today, over 56 years since its inception, some of this history is known, but few people know about the impact ELC Arts and Craft Centre has had on the South African art scene. Equally, few know that it was a young Swedish art teacher trained at Konstfack, Peder Gowenius and his wife Ulla Gowenius, a textile
artist also from Konstfack, who played a key role in establishing the Centre in 1963.

What can we learn from histories about (the fight for) democracy, culture, education and the arts? South African photographer and filmmaker Cedric Nunn’s documentary film Rorke’s Drift Revisited, was screened along with a film made by Konstfack lecturer Viktoria Kindstrand. In the latter film, Kindstrand
interviews Peder Gowenius who tells his story about both struggle and success with the ELC Arts and Craft Centre. These screenings, in conjunction with a panel discussion and presentations, framed a wider discussion about bilateral collaboration, the need for ongoing research, existing projects and artistic and
pedagogical exchange.

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Visit the Bag Factory website for further information.

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A further iteration took place in collaboration with schoolchildren at the Braamfontein Campus of Wits University as part of the celebrations for Africa Month:

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