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The Ignorant Schoolmasters at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (9 April 2019)

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Lineo Segoete of the Maseru Working Group gave a lecture entitled The Ignorant Schoolmasters at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the context of the seminar "Art and Education. Positions and Analyses," led by Barbara Mahlknecht of the Vienna Working Group on 9 April 2019. the lecture was based on a joint essay between Lineo and Nora Landkammer (Vienna Working Group) also titled The Ignorant Schoolmasters. The collaboration is reflection on the didactic role of two educators as emancipators in the context of knowledge being a universal phenomenon, and the implications of power and mutual learning associated with it.
In the study, Lineo and Nora critique Jacque Ranciere's text: the ignorant schoolmaster and Swiss missionary Edouard Jacottet who worked in Lesotho as an educator and writer.  The lecture was followed by the "un/chrono/logical timeline game designed by the Another Roadmap Intertwining Histories Cluster, ie, an educational tool developed to engage with arts education histories and their global connections.

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