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The Ljubljana group

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Ljubljana group activities are centred around the education and mediation department of the MG+MSUM (Moderna galerija, Ljubljana).

The core of the group consists of five people: Adela Železnik, senior curator for public programmes at the MG+MSUM, Lucija Cvjetković, educator  at the MG+MSUM, Dana Terzić, artist and educator at the MG+MSUM, Ksenija Kumer, free lance educator, Đorđe Balmazović, artist and member of the Škart collective from Belgrade. For the specific project with the migrants in the asylum home in the neighbourhood, the group is joined by the architect Anja Planišček, a professor at the Faculty of the Architecture and Design in Ljubljana and a group of her students.  

The third partner of MG+MSUM is the Livada elementary school, a school in the suburbs of Ljubljana,  where 85% of their pupils are of foreign, usually migrant origin, and we have been collaborating with them for already 8 years.

The Ljubljana group is not homogeneous and its members are »institutional« and »non- institutional« people.  The reason why we work together  is that we all operate in the field of critical education and in this way we can combine different methods and experiences  Fields of our research is a potential reform of the elementary school curriculum,  migrations, exclusion etc.

The current projects we are working on at the moment are connected to  the neighbourhood of the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, residental part of Ljubljana called Tabor, where in the last five years various small scale alliances were established. For example, for more than 2 years a close collaboration with some members of the Home for Elderly People and local associations in cultivating  the museum garden. In 2012, together with the non-profit organisation Bunker and other agents in the area (schools, galleries, organizations), we constituted an association called »Cultural District Tabor«,  with the aim to identify our common interests, to collaborate more intensely and to react to some urgent issues. Such issue appeared in February this year when the state authorities accomodated a group of asylum seekers in the temporary asylum home in the area of Tabor.  There have already been such state institutions in Slovenia before, also one on Ljubljana outskirts  but, as the result of more and more restrictive EU migrant policy, the number of asylum seekers in Slovenia increased, so  they were accomodated for the  first time n the Ljubljana city centre, which caused riots in our neighbourhood.  As the Moderna galerija once joined forces with the activists when bringing children from the degraded outskirts of Ljubljana, called Rakova Jelša,  inhabitted mostly by migrants from Bosnia, on the boat to the city centre (Social Centre Rog), we now keep collaborating with the Frontabrezmeja / FrontWithoutBorders network of activists to find the ways how to overcome the fear and barriers in mind to open the common space for all.

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