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Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline - EN | ES | FR

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The Un/Chrono/Logical Timeline is an educational tool developed by intertwining hi/stories to engage with arts education histories and their global connections. The timeline includes a set of un-foldable cards and an instruction of use. When activated, it encourages participants to look for new ways of representing history of arts education taking into account a range of geopolitical viewpoints. Instead of organizing history in a customary chronological order, the timeline attempts to create connections between often seemingly remote (both in terms of time and geographical location) events, figures, publications, artefacts, etc. It invites to learn, construct, deconstruct, criticize and question history in a participatory way.

The timeline is available in English language. Further language versions coming soon!





The download is free of charge. Please note you need to be logged in to access the PDF.   

We would very much appreciate your feedback. Please share with us in the comments below your experiences of working with this Learning Unit, as well as your thoughts, concerns and questions. The authors will do their best to get back to you and continue the conversation. Thank you!


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    Carolina Rito February 27, 2019 19:16

    Dear all, I would like to, first of all, congratulate you on the amazing work done in another roadmap school. I am directing an independent study programme at Nottinham Contemporary (www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/exchange/campus) and programming a series of events on critical pedagogy in the autumn in the context of an exhibition on the centenary of the Bauhaus. Your work looks incredibly connected and I would love to know more about your project. Also, if you could be so kind as to give me access to the PDF's I would be much grateful. Best wishes, Carolina