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Autonomy of the Working Class and Language Confusion. Your language, my language, our language?

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Emigrant "guest workers" in Germany develop a critique of Freire from their experience to learn/teach German based on Freire's concepts
  • Working groups: Geneva/Zurich
  • Media type: Text document (file)
  • Author: Kollektiv Autonomie der Arbeiterbewegung und Sprachverwirrung
  • Date: 1973
  • Source: Autorenkollektiv Autonomie der Arbeiterklasse undSprachverwirrung (1973). "Autonomie der Arbeiterklasse und Sprachverwirrung. Deine Sprache, meine Sprache, unsere Sprache?", in: Ästhetik & Kommunikation, (11), 38–58 (in german)
  • Comment: partial translation from German: Nora Landkammer
  • Place of production: Frankfurt / Germany
  • Places mentioned: Brazl; Paris; Italy
  • Names mentioned: Freire, Paulo; PVLAV; Marx

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