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Cluster projects

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Africa Cluster

The Another Roadmap Africa Cluster consists of a group of scholars and practitioners of artistic and cultural education who are working in both formal and informal contexts within the African continent. Together they are collaborating to pursue a joint programme of research into arts educational practices in their respective localities within Africa. Their research is critically informed and grounded in historical analysis, particularly with respect to Africa’s colonial heritage. The group’s aim is to build a shared knowledge base and a structure of mutual learning that will benefit African practitioners and contribute to advances in thinking and practice worldwide. >> read more




Intertwining HiStories of Arts Education

Intertwining HiStories is a Cluster project by partners in the Another Roadmap network in Maseru, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Lubumbashi, Nyanza, Vienna, Kampala/Entebbe and Geneva/Zurich. The working groups will study histories of arts education and their global overlapping within particular case studies (“stories”). One general research interest is: What does the intertwining of these stories mean for practices of education through and on the arts? Our work 1) examines the process through which the hegemonic narrative of history is written, 2) traces localised historical and contemporary counter-narratives to the dominant history 3) sets up a framework and builds critical tools in and through which the Cluster's members can draw mutual benefits in view of the wider application of the respective findings. >> read more



Popular Education. Re-actualizations/arts education/social movements

The groups cooperating in the Cluster Popular Education: Re-actualizations, Arts Education/Social Movements are located in the cities Barcelona/Madrid, Spain; Brasilia/Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogotá, Columbia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Quito, Ecuador. We are connected basically to higher education, gallery and community mediation in museums, artistic practices and militant research.
We ask: Which alliances can we build between artistic and educational practices to foster the regeneration of local knowledges, forms of collective learning, and the re-organization of educational and cultural institutions, to counter the homogenising and marketing-oriented approach of supranational discourses? >> read more


Arts education and (other) economies